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We are all striving for more peace in our lives, and peace comes when we can lay our head down on a pillow at the end of the day and feel that we have contributed positively to our world. When know we feel peaceful when our families are safe and healthy and that we have done something for the good. A plant based diet creates peace in our lives not only thought the external effects it has on nature, animals and the world around us but also on the internal effects it has on our body and mind.

Plant based proteins are much less inflammatory on the body and digestive system which in turn helps us to assimilate our nutrients better and gives us a clear mind. When our bodies are running in an optimal way then we take better actions in life. We react more positively to the world around us and in general we feel a deeper sense of peace.


So go on, what are you waiting for?? If you want to live a peaceful life and reflect it out with your choices in the world then it’s time to fill your body with plant based goodness and protein.


I believe in you.





How can Plant Based Protein bring positivity to your diet?


I was going to write a whole thesis on this but instead i thought id keep it simple and give you some good old dot points on some of the myriad of ways this can happen


  1. Plant based proteins are REAL food, easy to digest, non synthesised, fibre filled ways to increase your muscle
  2. Increasing your plant based food intake increases your fibre intake which leads me to the next poing
  3. Increase fibre makes you poo more regularly… and i KNOW how good you all feel when that happens
  4. Plant based whole food eating helps eliminate toxins from your body and when you are detoxed you FEEL GOOD
  5. There are TONS of different ways to have vegan protein in your diet… this means variety!. When we have variety and doing new things and making change we actually feel the joy of our lives.
  6. A plant based diet means a clean body, and when our bodies are clean so are our MINDS. Nothing creates more negativity than a foggy body and mind. Eat clean and just watch the positive thoughts flow from your mind.
  7. Feeling good inspires you to help others feel good to. When you master the best plant based meals of your life you will naturally feel inclined to share your journey and your recipes with others. Simple you doing something good for yourself will help others to make positive change as well.
  8. Living on plant based proteins means you are supporting a planet that is kind to animals. Animals are for loving, and you KNOW you are making a positive difference in everyway when you are saving the lives of other beings.
  9. You tribe becomes filled with other plant based positive beings which only inpires you more to feel good and do good.
  10.  Plant based living makes you read more blogs like this that remind you of how awesome you are!.



You are AWESOME. Did i mention that already?


For plant based inspired positive food book your next dining experience at Elixiba:

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