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There are so many arguments around whether humans are designed to eat plants or meat and we could argue until the cows come home (excuse the pun) about who is right and wrong. It’s all a matter of belief. So for what it’s worth here are my 5 cents on what we are designed to eat.


I believe it does not matter so much these days what we are designed to eat, but more so the fact that we HAVE A CHOICE. That’s right, we live in a day and age with luxuries at our fingertips, educated minds and the ability to see and know whats happening around the globe.


We are coming into an age where we can design our bodies, 3d print organs, supercharge our cells and enhance our minds – so let’s talk about ethics and the future that we can make possible :)/


If we spend all out time pointing the finger at each other arguing we are spending our precious choice making time on the wrong things. We only have a certain amount of decision making ability and willpower available to us each day – so let’s use it for something towards a peaceful and positive world. All we have to do is open up our eyes and look around us and our world and we can see so many places where there is disharmony, disease and pollution. We are SO blessed to be in a position where we can make simple choices that positively affect all of these things.


How does making choices to eat plant based protein increase peace on our planet? There are some main ways that i would love to highlight. The reduction of methane gas and deforestation and of course the obvious reduction of harm to animals.


We are clearing our forests at an unsustainable rate to make pasture for grazing meat animals.

The greenhouse gases they are producing are creating more pollution than anything else on the planet (if you haven’t checked out the documentary “Cowspiracy” yet go and hook yourself up with some great information).

Switching to plant based diets will solve not only these problems but also create possitive affects on other aspects of our world as well. Yes i have heard the argument that you still deforest to grow crops – but there are MUCH more sustainable ways to grow these crops that give back to the soil and create biodiversity. I’m not here to pick at the nitty gritty- but to take a bigger picture look at how peace can be created by our plant based choices.


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