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2018 has definitely been the year of vegan options impacting all styles of food, cooking and menus. We have seen big supermarkets increase their vegan food ranges, massive fake meat company launches, big fast food chains provide vegan options and a plethora of epic vegan cafes, restaurants and bakeries open.

Is it really just a trend though? Flamingoes are a trend, beetroot lattes are a trend, jackfruit is a trend but vegan food ‘aint no trend – it is a movement in the consciousness of humanity as evolve.


The plant based ingredients that are trending now in 2018 are opening up peoples minds to thinking differently about what we eat, why we eat and how we eat it ( even if they dont know its making them think different). This wave of fake meats is most likely a trend – that will last a long time – but is the next step in bringing us back to highlighting plant proteins in their natural state.

Here are some different ways to look at some of our trending plant based ingredients of 2018 and ways they are impacting our food choices.



Oh yes, the superfruit of the year! The jackfruit that is most commonly used in vegan cooking is young green jackfruit. This jackfruit has no flavour on its own.. It is bland, and has hardly any fat, protein or carbohydrates.. It is however super high in fibre. As it is tasteless, jackfruit therefor can be flavoured to mimic any of our culture’s traditional shredded meat dishes and iIt has has been showcased as a superstar for a replacement for “BBQ Pulled Pork”.

What has this taught us? That if people cared so much to eat pork, then they would not want to try the jackfruit option. What people care more about is what is familiar to them. The texture of the jackfruit and the flavour of the sauce bring familiarity. To be honest i think this is a great step forward in the first layer of consciousness of our food choices. We don’t need mee\At to be happy, or fulfill our food desires. Once we can get past our nostalgic emotional needs for meat, then we can start to make healthier and happier choices with more awareness.



I love this delicious fermented, good bacteria filled staple side dish. Growing up in my high school years we had Korean exchange students who would brew up kimchi in their bedroom ( seriously) then keep this pungent brew in an old ice cream container in our fridge. I’ll admit that when i was 14 i hated the smell of this incredibly spicy cabbage ferment – but today i’m a KimChi freak, and i swear it’s not as spicy as my students used to make it!

KIMCHI has been making waves in our western world and there are all sorts of companies creating probiotic pickled vegetables these days and we are all going crazy over them.

So how is this wave of pickled goodness evolving our food choices?  KimChi might be a trend, but once you gain a deeper knowledge into the importance of your gut bacteria you cant go back. Kimchi is breaking the barriers of probiotic capsules and yogurt being the only way to get your good bacteria balanced in your belly.



I could go on about the dairy industry… but i won’t, because you all know about it. As i stated above, yoghurt has been praised for years as a food that is beneficial for our health and gut bacteria. Just as Jackfruit provides us with the texture and flavour that many wanted from the meaty counterpart… coconut yogurt provides the same nostalgic taste and texture as its dairy counterpart, and ALSO provides the health benefits. This might seem like an easy choice, but how it is changing our mind and habits with food? This dietary change proves to our unconscious mind that there are simple plant based options that are similar to their animal based equivalents. It also helps us to open our minds to the idea that there is more than one way to create something.


I’m certain that the wave of superfood and vegan options trends has only just begun and there will be plenty more to come ( i head that broccoli lattes are all the rage now). I’m also certain that vegan food is not a trend and it thrills me to know that in a world full of uncertainty and so many types of unrest that many people are moving towards choices that are better for their health, for the environment and for all beings on this planet.


What will you choose?


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