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I was thinking about my monthly blog for #peace and how winter creates that peaceful feeling in our lives. Winter is that time for slowing down, for hibernation.. It is that time we reflect on our lives, go a little more internal and take time out to just be. The beginning of the year is all about writing new year’s resolutions and being excited about all the action you (think you are going to) take and everything that you (think you are going to) achieve in the year coming. When it hits winter you start reflecting on how fast the first half of the year went, and sometimes there is a bit of a reality check of where you are at. Maybe you haven’t saved as much money as you thought you would of yet.. Maybe you haven’t dropped those kilos or quit the job you hated. Winter gives us the wonderful opportunity to reflect within ourselves and make some new decisions and plans based on more internal calm feelings than on our excited external feelings that come in summer.


Winter is also the time we stop the juice detoxes and say yes to that comfort food… for some of us there is the stress of putting on weight associated with that – but let me tell you that does not have to be the case – or should i say the issue. We need to let go of the harsh expectations, opinions and conditions we have around confort food and our bodies and become more at peace with the seasons. In winter our bodies have a tendency to be much drier due to the cold dry air and winds. Adding more nourishing oils to our life like sesame oil actually lubricates our digestive system and keeps our skin shiny and glorious.  We need to warm up our bodies in winter just like we warm up our cars in the morning. We have to let the engines run a little before taking off to make sure the oil is warm and circulating – our bodies need this oil to nourish and warm up otherwise we find it hard to make it through winter as well.

It is totally natural to put on a few kg in winter – its the in tune with nature part of your body that protects your immune system and adds a little padding to keep warm – especially if you are a woman. LOVE YOURSELF, love your body and make sure that every nourishing bite of food you eat goes down with gratitude and love as well.

I don’t know about you, but winter brings on nostalgia for me when it comes to food. There is something about warming curries, soul soothing soups and decadent pasta dishes that bring a smile to my face and heart. It’s that time of year when you crave the dishes that your grandmother made. Why is that? It is this more hearty meals that literally send a signal from our bellies to our brain that say “you are nourished”.  Winter being a time of internal reflection is also a time that steps us into our feminine energy and power of that side of us. Everything about feminine energy is caring and nourishing… that’s why you crave those dishes your nana made – she is the very center of feminine love, care and nourishment. This aspect of our lives is vitally important to our wellbeing. Make peace with your feminine side this winter, love yourself and let your caring nurturing nature not only extend out into the world but also to the depths of your own core within.

You are worth it. Your peace within yourself brings kindness to this world. It is from this place that our connections with each other deepen and together we  create more peace on this planet.


I hope you feel a little more nourished and loved just by reading this today.


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